LAMMA 2023 – A New Experience

The Donite team recently returned from LAMMA 2023 which was held in the NEC in Birmingham, on 10th– 11thJanuary 2023. We were one of 600+ global exhibitors in attendance, and we were making the most of this opportunity by showcasing our latest products, which can be found on arable machinery, as well as highlighting the advanced technology that we have on offer.

This year, our Sales and Development Manager, Thomas Holmes, experienced LAMMA for the first time with the Donite Plastics team, and as you can see from his below answers, there was a lot to take in!

Find out his stand-out moment from the show and, why he recommends attending shows like LAMMA and what valuable connections he made during the exhibition. 

Q1. With this being your first time at LAMMA, what were you most excited about before exhibiting?

My colleagues have always talked about what an incredible experience LAMMA is, so I was counting down the days until we set off!

Before the event, I was most looking forward to viewing the new technology on offer in the agritech market and seeing how thermoforming plastics are being used to save weight, improve aesthetics, and replace older and slower manufacturing techniques, and I can tell you, LAMMA didn’t disappoint! 

Q2. Why do you think it’s important for members of the Donite Plastics team to exhibit at shows like LAMMA? 

Shows like LAMMA are important in raising not only brand awareness of Donite Plastics but also the benefits of thermoforming plastics. They are huge platforms for the agriculture sector, with no other UK show offering LAMMA’s scope of agricultural machinery, technology, and equipment in one venue.

Q3. What was the stand-out moment for you at LAMMA 2023? 

The stand-out moment was seeing how thermoforming plastics are being used by large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), as well having the opportunity to meet so many potential new customers. With over 40,000 visitors in attendance, there were lots of new people to showcase our expert services and processes to. It was also brilliant to see that so many of those in attendance were from Northern Ireland!

Q4. What fellow exhibitors did you get to network with at the exhibition? What did they do? Or what was their product?

During the show, our team had the opportunity to connect with a manufacturer from the east of England, who shared their knowledge and expertise with us, demonstrating how they are using their advanced technology to increase the yield for farmers. This was just one example of why the UK and Ireland are leaders in the agritech sector.  

Q5. What knowledge or lessons do you think the Donite Plastics team will take from exhibiting at LAMMA 2023 and how do you think these lessons will enhance your own vacuum forming processes? 

The main lesson I have taken from LAMMA 2023 is how much vacuum forming is being used to improve the efficiency of the agricultural sector, and how this progress will continue to increase in the years to come as leading international companies continue to work on making the sector more efficient and sustainable. 

At LAMMA, our team also caught a glimpse of the prominent role that data, robotics, autonomous machines, and advanced devices will play in revolutionising the agricultural sector, and we couldn’t be more excited to play our part in it!

If you are interested in finding out what trade shows Donite Plastics will be exhibiting at this year, email for more information.