A little bit about Donite Plastics

Our friendly and efficient team can help you turn your ideas into finished products within weeks or days - not months.

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Experience and expertise with plastics

Donite Plastics specialize in the design and manufacture of custom moulded plastic parts using vacuum forming and other processes. These processes are ideal for medium or small batch quantities and even one-off prototypes. Their workshop is about 5 miles south of Belfast, near Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Donite Plastics prides itself in the comprehensive service that it offers. This includes full CAD/ CAM design and manufacturing facilities. Using 3D computer modelling and in-house mould making facilities they can turn ideas into production parts within weeks or days rather than months.

Facilities include full 5 axis machining and trimming as well as the largest Vacuum Forming Machine in Ireland. They have been an EN ISO 9001 quality assured company since 1997. Their processes and systems are continually being developed and improved.

Donite Plastics has worked with some of the UK's leading manufacturing companies and has built strong relationships with them by continually striving to exceed their expectations.

Where did 'DONITE' come from?

1981 - Best friends Richard Donaldson and Michael Knight began to design & manufacture motorcycle fairings in a small workshop above Michael's parents' garage. Donaldson and Knight began trading as Donite Plastics. The company evolved from making motorcycle and car accessories into custom moulded GRP parts - architectural canopies/panels, engineering equipment covers, tanks, etc.

1990 - Donite bought its first vacuum forming machine. They were the first company in N Ireland to offer an Industrial Vacuum Forming Service.

1999 - Vacuum forming gradually took over from GRP and by 1999 it accounted for 87% of sales.

2007 - The company was incorporated to Donite Plastics Ltd with Michael Knight as the sole Director. 2015 - Although Donite no longer does GRP moulding they have taken on many other processes to complement their vacuum forming service. This includes CNC machining, line bending, plastic punching/ pressing and most recently Laser Cutting and engraving.

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