Five Industries Which Use the Industrial Vacuum Forming Process

It’s likely that many of the plastic products you come across in everyday life have been made using industrial vacuum forming – a thermoforming process that the Donite Plastics team specialises in.

In this month’s blog, we’re excited to tell you about five industries which use this process, some of which just might surprise you!

Agricultural Industry

Within the agricultural industry, the process of vacuum forming is regularly used to create plastic components for both transportation vehicles and heavy-duty machinery, as these vehicles and machinery are intended for long-term outdoor use. They need to be tough, durable, and weather-resistant, which is why vacuum formed parts offer the perfect solution.

Aerospace Industry

Air travel requires interiors that are durable, easy to sanitise and fire resistant. The lightness of thermoformed plastics also helps reduce fuel consumption, which is why you’ll see thermoformed products in features such as overhead storage bins, lighting fixtures, and armrests. At Donite Plastics, we are proud to partner with leading aircraft interiors companies, having manufactured over 500,000 thermoformed parts for aircraft interiors.

Automotive Industry

Vacuum formed plastics are used within the automotive industry for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The vacuum thermoforming process is used to produce an array of automotive items, including car dashboards and door panels, producing lightweight and cost-effective products. With a wide range of finishes available, they can be tailored to fit the style of any vehicle. At Donite Plastics, we produce inserts, trays and special packers for the transport industry, each designed with our customers exact needs in mind.

Medical Industry 

Plastic thermoformed products are widely used in the medical industry as they reduce the need for sterilisation and cleaning times, creating high quality products which are extremely durable. Examples of these include mobile X-ray equipment, hospital carts and tabletops used by patients and staff. At Donite Plastics, we have been working with medical device and training aid companies for over 20 years, having a wealth of experience in providing medical professions with bespoke, durable and efficient products.

Construction Industry 

The construction sector uses the industrial vacuum forming process to manufacture parts for a range of construction equipment, such as supply and storage sheds, toolboxes, engine covers and interior components. Due to the nature of the construction industry, it’s important that these elements are high scratch resistance, durable and waterproof, while offering a long service life with low maintenance. 

The team at Donite Plastics is proud to make plastic products using the industrial vacuum forming process, as it has a number of significant advantages over other techniques, including shorter lead-times, low tooling costs and greater design flexibility, which is why it is used in so many different sectors and industries.

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