Design services

Let Donite’s experienced Engineers work out your solutions in 3d CAD before committing to real life parts.

We can provide a full design service: just tell us your idea.

Email us about design


Computer Models

Donite uses the latest CAM technology to produce CNC programs based on the CAD models. These programs are then used to machine the moulds and trim the moulded parts.

Materials specification

Wide range of colours and finishes

ABS, HIPS, PP, HDPE, Acrylic , Polycarb, GRP, ASA, PETG, PVC, etc, etc.. Let us advise you on the best Polymer for your application.

Process choice

Consult the experts.

Should your product be injection moulded, Vacuum Formed or Blow Moulded? Or maybe it would be better to line bend part of it and then CNC machine and fabricate another bit? Even though we do not do all these processes ourselves we can advise you of the best one for you and design your product to suit that process.


Low tooling costs makes vacuum forming the ideal process for small volumes of prototype parts.

Less expensive than 3d printing for large parts or for more than one small part. Quality of finish will be better than GRP or 3d printing.