Do you worry about your home being flooded?

Storm Francis wreaked havoc in Northern Ireland at the end of August and we can think of nothing worse than your much-loved home filled with water and sewage – the untold unimaginable damage.

Our managing director, Michael Knight, some years ago, when the heavens opened, and the waters came, didn’t think that he was too badly affected as the water only reached the first step of his front door. However, what he didn’t realise was the water entered the house via the ground vents and the smell appeared and then stayed for several months.

As an entrepreneur and one ever looking for a solution to a problem – the Snorkel Vent was soon born. A one-piece unit moulded from strong durable plastic that is bonded over existing air vents which the company then patented.

The Snorkel Vent stands out in comparison to other products in the market and instead of weather watching and having to rush home to fix something to your house, this is permanently fixed to the wall.

Michael said; “Before this incident I had never really thought about air vents or air bricks as they are often called. They are always below floorboard level – whereas doors and windows are always above floorboard level. So, unless you have solid floors the air vents are always the first-place flood water will get into your house.”

Parts of Northern Ireland, including Newcastle, Antrim, Armagh and Down have seen flash floods recently, with torrential downpours bringing 25 to 35mm rain in an hour and as much as 50 to 60mm falling in the space of a few hours.

“I just had to think of some easy way to effectively raise the height of the vents above the likely flood water height. Later that summer, I was able to go away on holiday safe in the knowledge our home was now protected from the now, much more common flash floods.”