Snorkel Vent FAQs

Here at Donite Plastics, we are probably best known for our knowledge and skills in producing high quality, affordable thermoformed products, but did you know that our Managing Director, Michael Knight, is also the inventor of Snorkel Vent?

Check out the FAQs below to find out everything you need to know about Snorkel Vent.

What is it?

In simple terms, Snorkel Vent is a snorkel for your home! It is a one-piece unit moulded from strong durable plastic that is bonded over existing air vents to prevent them from leaking water during heavy rain and flash floods.

How did the idea come about?

Michael Knight, Donite Plastics’ Managing Director, came up with the idea for Snorkel Vent after a chance flood in his home. As an entrepreneur and as someone who always strives to find solutions, Michael knew he had to address the issue so that it wouldn’t happen again.

After investigating the vents that were already in place at Michael’s home, he realised that to prevent future flooding, the existing vents would have to be raised. Thus, began the groundwork for what would soon become Snorkel Vent. This culture of innovation, exemplified by Michael, is ingrained into Donite Plastics, whereby staff are continually encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ to come up with solutions for customers’ manufacturing problems.

How does Snorkel Vent work?

During flash floods or heavy rain showers, air vents are always the first place that flood water will begin to seep into your home. Snorkel Vent works by raising the height of the vents above flood water height. This product allows you to go away on holiday safe in the knowledge that your home is protected from what has become, much more common, flash floods.

What makes Snorkel Vent stand out in comparison to other products on the market?

Snorkel Vent is the only air brick flood protection device which allows continuous ventilation – even during a flood. While other products require being attached in anticipation of a flood, Snorkel Vent is unique in that it is permanently fixed to the wall. That way you don’t need to worry about racing home when it’s raining to protect your vents, as your house is constantly protected.

Snorkel Vent is also maintenance free! Unlike so-called smart-brick replacements, Snorkel Vent requires no maintenance as there are no moving parts that can get clogged with debris.

You can DIY fit it yourself, a builder is not required, proving particularly beneficial as living costs continue to rise. With simple to follow instructions, any able-bodied person can fit a Snorkel Vent within five minutes! They can even be customised and painted to suit your home.

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