Donite Plastics Services


Conceptual design

Imaginative but practical solutions to help you get the product you want.

Computer models

Do you need a CAD model of your product? You can use this to check the fit and interaction of various components or to develop the design. We can also create fully rendered life-like images for promotional material.

Material specification

ABS, HIPS, PP, HDPE, Acrylic , Polycarb, GRP, ASA, PETG, PVC, etc, etc.. Let us advise you on the best Polymer for your application.

Process choice

Should your product be injection moulded, Vacuum Formed or Blow Moulded? Or maybe it would be better to line bend part of it and then CNC machine and fabricate another bit? Even though we do not do all these processes ourselves we can advise you of the best one for you and design your product to suit that process.

Design Drawing

Prototype and tooling manufacture:


  • Low tooling costs make Vacuum Forming processes ideally suited to producing short runs or even one-off prototypes.
  • Machining, punching, laser-cutting, bending and fabricating plastic parts may involve no tooling costs whatsoever.
  • Although Donite do not make high volume, lightweight packaging clients would often get them to design the packaging and made a few prototypes for testing & marketing.

Vacuum forming moulds & trim fixtures

These are all manufactured in-house using the latest CAD/CAM technology. This ensures very short lead times and minimum costs. Tool Costs for vacuum forming are probably the lowest of all the mainstream plastic processes.

Tooling for other companies

We are happy to manufacture tools and fixtures for other moulding companies using other processes.

For example, our large cnc routers and milling machines are ideal for making master moulds for GPP or trim fixtures for rotational moulded parts.

Prototype mould

Part manufacture:

Vacuum forming

Donite is NI’s premier vacuum forming company for heavy duty parts, i.e. excluding disposable packaging. We can make parts from a few centimetres up to 2.5 x 1.5 metres (x 0.7 m high). As far as we know, our latest, brand new vacuum former is the biggest in Ireland.

Laser cutting

Our Laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting 2D acrylic parts measuring up to 1.3 m wide and 15 mm thick (any length). This laser gives a superb polished edge. It can cut very fine detail and slots down to 0.3 mm wide. Texts and logos can also be etched into the surface using the laser.

Plastic trimming & machining

Donite uses the latest 'state of the art' 3-axis & 5-axis routers and milling machines. As well as being used to trim and finish plastic parts they are also employed to manufacture all their own mould and trim fixtures, 'in-house'. We recently installed a heavy duty 5-axis machine capable of machining up to 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.2 metres.

Line bending

This very simple process involves heating a thermoplastic sheet along a thin line - usually with a heated wire. The sheet is then bent to the required angle and held there for a short while until it has cooled and set.

Punch pressing

Roller and Clicker Press are used to punch out Flat Plastic and Rubber Parts and Gaskets.

Vacuum Forming