A sample of projects

line bending

W5 water play domes

Children at Belfast's W5 love sending plastic balls and jets of water spiralling around these 1000mm diameter plastic domes. They were vacuum formed from tough polycarbonate material. Downtubes and splash guards were also fabricated from polycarbonate.

laser cutting

W5 deli counters

We used the drape forming process to curve a piece of 10mm acrylic for the front of the counter. The sides and our speciality developed H-fasteners were made on our new laser cutting machine.

line bending

Pink Panther

Donite Plastics are experts in the design and manufacture of custom moulded trays to carry parts through the production process.

Whether you are moving tiny valves, printed circuit boards or even large sand cores for an aluminium die-casting process Donite can make a tray to suit. This tray is for transporting the complicated sand core used in the manufacture of the Ford Panther cylinder head.

laser cutting

Dispenser for medical seals

Thousands of these dispensers can be found in clinics all around the world. By clever design Donite eliminated the traditional glued joints. The laser cut and line bend parts simply click together to form a rigid and sturdy unit.

line bending

Crossle windscreens & headlight covers

Crossle cars are made in Northern Ireland but raced all across the world. Donite's great experience and skill in the art of drape forming was most useful when asked to take over the production of all Crossle windscreens and headlight covers. Donite's very large oven and extensive tool making facilities also proved invaluable.

laser cutting

Lighting sculpture

We have had some interesting partnerships working with local artists. Currently the design of a lighting installation in the mental health hospital is in production. This futuristic project takes inspiration from a flower bud, and we are able to seamlessly make the creation using specialist acrylics, stainless steel and combination of our in-house processes. See article in Irish News.

Artist: Clare McCormish. Read more about the sculpture and the artist here.

line bending

The realistic head

Produced by Trucorp Ltd, AIRSIM is a highly realistic and functional airways training system for medical professionals. Donite vacuum form the head and base mouldings from acrylic capped ABS plastic. This visually striking material has a carbon fibre effect printed inside the acrylic capping.

laser cutting

Panels for street sweeper

Donite Plastics worked with the Engineering Company who manufacture this Street Sweeper to help them design both internal and external panels. Once the customer was happy with the 3D CAD models Donite machined the moulds and vacuum formed a set of panels from 5mm fire retardent ABS material. The sheet material had been extruded in dark grey plastic to match the colour of the rotationally moulded water tank - situated between the wheels of the machine.